Democrats’ Supreme Court expansion push a ‘giant temper tantrum’ against Trump

Paul Murray says the Democrats’ push to expand the seats in the US Supreme Court is a “giant temper tantrum” because Trump managed to get three Supreme Court justices in.


“Now it matters that it is an uneven number of judges because in one way there will always be a majority of five people who will outvote four people to either ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ an idea.”

“So it really matters when someone is thinking of changing the way that body works.

“Now there have been plenty of presidents who have thought about it – there have been very few who’ve tried to change those numbers.

“Because of course the only people who can pick people for the supreme court for any one of those spaces is a president of the United States.

Mr Murray showed a video of Joe Biden in 1983 criticising former president Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s idea of expanding the numbers of judges in the Supreme Court. He also showed a video of Joe Biden in 2019 saying he would not support “court packing”.

“But lefties saw that Donald Trump was able to get three supreme court justices up so therefore this thing was going to be too conservative for too long so ‘we should just pack in more people once we got the power to do so’,” Mr Murray said.

“Well guess what’s happening – in the next 24 hours Democrat politicians will announce a law to increase the number of people on the supreme court, not by one, not by two but by four.

“This would automatically swing it left, hard left, for the next 20 years or so – it’s a giant temper tantrum because Donald trump was able to put three people in.”

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