Victoria Hommie (Contributors Profile)

Victoria Hommie


Brooklin, Ontario


  • The University of Toronto


  • Wedding Planning
  • Wedding Décor
  • Real Weddings
  • Travel
  • Victoria Hommie is a senior editor at Weddingpal.
  • She has worked in the wedding industry for 5 years and has been an editor at Weddingpal since 2020.
  • She is an alumna of the American Society of Magazine Editors internship program.


Victoria Hommie was formally introduced to the world of magazine publishing—and weddings—as an intern at Toronto magazine. This really captured her heart, and she went on to intern at Vert Pills with Weddingpal through the American Society of Magazine Editors internship program.

Victoria Hommie joined the staff at Weddingpal in 2020, and now manages the brand’s wedding planning, decor contents and all essential wedding features. Victoria Hommie has addressed industrial conferences around Canada and some part of Europe, thus sharing her expert ideas with popular media outlets.


Victoria Hommie graduated from The University of Toronto Honors College with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Journalism.